BlackBerry Calculator

BlackBerry Calculator

The only BlackBerry 10 calculator you'll need

BlackBerry Calculator is an excellent app that allows you to perform a wide array of calculations and conversions.

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  • Stylish, functional design
  • Very simple to use
  • Switch between standard and complex functions
  • Tips calculator
  • Displays calculation history neatly
  • Range of unit conversion options


  • No thousand separator
  • No currency converter


BlackBerry Calculator is an excellent app that allows you to perform a wide array of calculations and conversions.

Calculate and convert

BlackBerry Calculator is a multi-purpose calculation app that is integrated into BlackBerry 10. The app is divided into three sections: Calculator, Tip, and Converter.

The calculator includes functions for both basic and complex calculations, allowing you to perform everything from basic arithmetic to computing sines, cosines and tangents. 

There's also a handy tips calculator in BlackBerry Calculator, which allows you to quickly work out how much you should tip based on the size of your bill. You can tweak the tip percentage and change the number of people so you can find out how much each person needs to tip.

Another useful feature of BlackBerry Calculator is the unit converter, which allows you to convert values from one unit of measurement to another. There are plenty of unit types included, such as area, data, length, speed, and temperature. It would be nice if there were the option for currency converting, though.

Simple to use

BlackBerry Calculator is incredibly easy to use. The application design is stylish yet functional, in keeping with the general look and feel of the BlackBerry 10 OS.

Switching between standard and scientific calculator modes is as simple as swiping your finger across. There are tabs at the top for shifting between BlackBerry Calculators different modes. 

The calculation window is very clear and visible. It can be pulled down to reveal a history of your calculations (which can be cleared with the tap of a button). One thing that would make BlackBerry Calculator even simpler to work with would be a thousand separator. This would definitely help with legibility when dealing with larger numbers.

You do the math

BlackBerry Calculator offers pretty much everything you could ask for in a calculator app. The eaverage BlackBerry 10 user need look no further than this app for their calculation needs.

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BlackBerry Calculator


BlackBerry Calculator

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